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Art as a philosophy of life

Ute Patel-Missfeldt

Anker 1
home in paradise

The creator of the splendor of flowers, landscapes, women and abstract figures met at Schloss Grünau in Neuburg an der Donau together with the internationally renowned urologist, philosopher, politician and photo artist Prof. Dr. Vallabhbhai Patel created a creative sanctuary. At her painting table in the sea of flowers in the glass house or in the attic studio – this is where the masterpieces on silk, pastels or porcelain are created. Because Ute Patel-Mißfeldt prefers to work with silk - the "queen of fabrics" - for walls, porcelain design or fashion.

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Giving meaning to life

The call to make the most of every moment in the here and now is the program for the two artists of the art of living. Realizing oneself without harming others - these ethical goals form the foundation for the essence of life itself for both of them - and are the basis of a happy partnership that has lasted for many years. Ute Patel-Mißfeldt sees life as a stage for an endless and exciting sequence of creative freedom and not as a penetrating struggle with fate.

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