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However, the works themselves tell more about Ute Patel-Mißfeldt than the hymns of praise in the press and the mention in "Who Is Who". A story that, in its abundance of images, still leaves room for something new, exciting and lively. They show women who, in spite of their "girlish tenderness", sparkle with strength and self-confidence. They reflect a life of balanced harmony between spirit and soul. Her pictures radiate deeply felt vitality. And of the search for happiness that lies hidden in every moment of being.

Art for life, live for art

painting on silk

A dream of silk

Their ornaments have no beginning and no end. They appear out of nowhere and guide us through their works by a thread. Inexhaustible variety in shape and color or finely chiseled work with a brush – everything on the extremely fine material silk is reminiscent of weightless magic. Ute Patel-Missfeldt was born with many talents, in which she has long since matured into a master. Nevertheless, she works on refining them day after day. What drives her is the responsibility for her own passion.

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Source of ideas, Isabel Patel

Rosenstrasse 102C, 86633 Neuburg/Donau