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Ute Patel-Missfeldt


Ute Patel-Mißfeldt is associated with the internationally renowned urologist, philosopher and photo artist Prof. Dr. Married Vallabhbhai Patel. They have four children.

Ute Patel- Mißfeldt.jpg

31 Dec 1940

at 11.55 p.m. birth in Bremerhaven

1957 – 1960

Graphic training in Bremerhaven

1972 – 1977

Subject teacher at the Gymnasium in Langen for the subject art


Painting lessons on the radio (SWF1): watercolor paintings

since 1984

Lectureship at the University of Bhavnagar (India)

1977 / 1984

TV recordings for the Second German Television (ZDF)

1989 / 1999

and for ARD, RTL, WDR, N3, BR3, Austria and India


Filming for a Canadian television station

1985 / 1998 / 1999

Dress designs with a fashion show on ZDF and WDR

from 1997

Founding member and patron of the German art association "Seide eV"

  • Lecturer at the Art Academy in Varodara (Baroda), India

  • Porcelain designs for Kaiser Porzellan

  • Porcelain design for Franz Collection GmbH

  • Trained designers in Taipei, Taiwan

  • Wall painting in Hexenagger Castle

  • Name giver of a new camellia variety "Ute Patels Seidenstern" at Kamelien Fischer in Wingst

  • Watercolor, silk and pastel painting, porcelain design, room decorations

  • Author of 30 specialist books

  • 10 years musical director and director of the Austrian Danube Festival in Grein, for old forgotten baroque operas

  • costume designer

  • Social commitment to the mothers' convalescent work

Social commitment with distinction

Although Ute Patel-Mißfeldt can largely organize her everyday life according to her ideas thanks to her creative work, she feels the need to take care of people in emergency situations. She regularly travels to India with her husband to take care of the poorest of the poor. Equipped with a strong sense of justice and a big heart, she is actively involved in an Indian women's organization. The merits of the association were recently recognized by UNESCO with a 1st prize.

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