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"Of course I only have one life, the rational reader may think now. Some may believe in reincarnation; for them the title of the book would no longer be appropriate. Others believe in life after death and that happiness can only be found in the hereafter is to be found while the earth is a vale of tears."

This book is about the meaning of life, which includes personal happiness, but also that of the world, regardless of origin and religion. It is about a rational, demonstrable ethics, a philosophy for everyone, in everyday life. A cleverly and understandably written book that requires no philosophical knowledge. This is about a practical attitude to life in a time of widespread disorientation. The book offers the reader support and help in almost all areas of life.

Prof. Dr. medical Vallabh Patel went to school at the age of four, skipped two grades and therefore graduated from high school at the age of 14. Found too young to study medicine, he first studied zoology and by the age of 19 was a lecturer in zoology at the University of Baroda. Then he studied medicine in Bonn. He is a urologist, surgeon, tropical medicine specialist, qualified zoologist, artist and philosopher. 
For 40 years he operated on needy patients in India and Africa free of charge during his annual leave. Politically very committed, he worked for 18 years as a city councilor, consultant for integration and social city and received numerous  
awards. As a committed humanist, he founded the discussion group “Secular Humanists” in 2013, with national participation. Vallabh Patel was a visiting professor in the Department of Comparative Religions at the University of Regensburg for two years.  

You only have one life for happiness - The provable meaning of our existence

  • ISBN: 978-3-943624-09-0

    332 pages

    Angelica Lenz Verlag

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