That was "Mut zum Hut" 2016

2016 Rückblende

So toll waren unsere Mut zum Hut-Besucher und Aussteller "behütet"! Herzlichen Dank an unseren Fotografen Volker Möller für die wunderbaren Bilder.

» Hier geht's direkt zur Galerie.

A little review to the 18th „Mut zum Hut“ & „schmuck durch Schmuck“

Jürgen Pfeiffer, King of Hats 2016

Like the years before, the weather was wonderful and many exhibitors and guests from all over the world, f.e. England, Bulgaria, USA, Spain, France, Holland and many more, came to Neuburg.
It is always a pleasure to me, when everybody is satisfied – and they were.

The new hat queen, MEP Dr. Angelika Niebler was there for the first time in her term and has represented her city quite charmingly. Horst Winter, who had been a year before, had in his office Neuburg not only attractive, but also very charming. He handed over the scepter to the newly-elected Hutkönig, Mr. Jürgen Pfeiffer from Hamburg.

Our Master Dr. Niebler was the attraction on the "purple catwalk" and did a great job during the opening-show. Another grat walk with great hats were shown by the secretary of the princess of Thurn und Taxis.

We had a lot of great exhibitors – like every year.
Irina Sardev from Bulgaria, the one and onlay hat-milliner of her country. Together with her son George – he is the business-part of the team – she is leading a manufacture and a shop in Sofia.
New this year: Svetlana Semenove with handmade silk flowers, dreamy plisseé-art from Birgit Hrouzek, for the little ones "Sweet-Hats" from Sandra Levycka, and great fashion in best quality from Adam Diezlak, the milliner of Bamberg/Germany Julia Schneider-Koch and last but not least Nicole Boos from Hamburg with fantastic hackrocks – tailor made fahion-art!
Ruth Eberz hat the most colorful and exceptionally hats and did a great job to help us! Many thanks for your help!

Andreas Nuslan and the "Neuburger" (Picture: © Volker Möller)

The "Neuburger" – a creation for "Mut zum Hut"
Andreas Nuslan, the "Hutkönig am Dom aus Regensburg" created the "Neuburger" an unsix hat especially for the 18th hat show. The handpainted silky hat bands designed by Ute Patel-Missfeldt finished the creation in a grandios way. The hat is in a litte limited edition available – only a few are left. If you want to get one, be quick!
You can order the hat at the shop of Andreas Nuslan ( or at the shop "Ideenquell“ of Isabel Patel, Rosenstraße 102, 86633 Neuburg/Donau.
There you can also get very nice limited edition and handpainted hat boxes.

The echo of press was amazing and very positive! We thank all the journalists and photographers for their good job.

Many exhibitors and their creativity works could be admired in 2016 an the registration for 2017 is already in progress. You can already buy the tickets for the "Great Fashion Show"! (order here)

We hope, we will see us again at the 19th "Mut zum Hut"!
Save the date: 22. – 24. September 2017

Download brochure/2016 (only german version available, PDF/3,6 MB)