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to the 20th "Courage for the Hat" and "schmuck by jewelery show" – the Ascot of Neuburg on the Danube.

Three wonderful days filled with fads, the most extraordinary beautiful things and the joy of experiencing something like this in our everyday life. What Ascot is for England is "courage to hat" for Germany.

As a backdrop you will experience a beautiful renaissance city, with a dreamlike residence lock, through which rooms you can stroll and be impressed by about 15,000 hats, jewelery and accessories. If you want to get dressed up again and again, come as this. Here we are the "normal" and admiration is certain to you.

Our well-known fashionists, designers, leather and feather artists are internationally represented. They travel from all parts of the world to this event as well as our audience. Here you can refresh your French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Bulgarian, Danish and more. Even if you are not a hat carrier, you will be impressed by this "Eldorado of the Beautiful". I do not promise you too much, and I would suggest you take three paradise days.

We are looking forward to meet you!
Ute Patel-Missfeldt & Isabel Patel
Event organizers