NEW! This year "Mut zum Hut" and "Schmuck durcj Schmuck" will take place in the "New Castle / Army Museum" in Ingolstadt.

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Heimat der Records – Episode 4
In the second season presenter Claudia Pupeter unbelievable excellence and bizarre superlatives from Bavaria before. Because: The Free State is full of records and almost every day new records are provided! And that is precisely what is in the center of the series "Heimat der Records" (from 14 January every Monday at 8:15 pm). In doing so, Claudia Pupeter discovers surprising Bavarian superlatives, meets the record holders and presents her incredible stories. Broadcast of the fourth episode is on Monday, February 4, 2019 at 20:15.

Well guarded, it goes to Neuburg an der Donau, the largest hat show in the world, year after year.
We also visit Bavaria's oldest regulars' table and immerse ourselves in its century-old tradition.
And we tell the story of a Würzburg, who had set his mind on Bangalore in India to make a world record and for all of Würzburg for 30 hours in the Varieté state of emergency.
World records also hail under water when cycling in Nuremberg and on land in the world's largest contiguous hop-growing region!
And finally, anything but soft sounds: The German master in the air guitar play!
The eight-part season is produced by the Munich-based production company south & browse GmbH.

The Trendshow at Neuburg: Mut zum Hut

TV report of the BR from 28.09.2018, 18:00 clock (3 min.)
Do you wear hats? If so, then a visit to Neuburg on the Danube is almost a must this weekend. For the 20th time there will be "courage to hat" instead, now Europe's largest hat show.

Mut zum Hut at TV!

TV report on intv from 01.10.2018
Neuburg (intv) Headdress in all sorts of variations - every year on the last weekend of September in the Danube town of Neuburg, the largest hat show in the world takes place. For the 20th time, visitors were able to marvel at the artworks of the designers in front of the beautiful backdrop of the Residenzschloss and take them away as well. The masters of creation also dared. True to the motto "courage to hat"!

Hat Magazin, 17/2016

We are happy about the 2-page report with the many pictures!
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Not just a matter of mind!

Augsburger Allgemeine, 26. September 2016
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Neuburg takes off his hat!

Donaukurier, 23. September 2016
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Great article at "Hattalk"

"Mut zum Hut" draws wide circles - even in the press.
Thank you for the nice article!
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New article at "Schlossmagazin"

Thank you for the great article! (September 2016)
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The Hat-Magazin – The "Mut zum Hut-Event" is making waves all the way to England

We are happy that our event is also in London / England on everyone's lips.
The "The HAT Magazine" brought a 3-page report with many impressions ...

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Hatalk – Mut zum Hut 2015

The Hatalk magazine has published a great report on the courage to hat 2015!
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Myheimat – Friedberger Stadtmagazin

The city magazine published a great report on courage to hat 2015!
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Brikada – The Onlinemagazin for woman

Thank you for the great report!
To the report 2014 (

Hat Talk

Schlossalle Schwaben

What a fantastic report about "Mut zum Hut 2013"!
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Münchner Samstagsblatt

Interview with Michaela May from 14.09.2013
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