The new castle from the 15th century, with the impressive exhibition of the Army Museum in the heart of the city, is an ideal location for the hat show. The direct motorway connection is also ideal.
The traditional, very beautiful Ingolstadt offers visitors many attractions. Mention should be made of museums of all kinds, e.g. the Museum for Concrete Art, the Audi Museum or the State Garden Show. What could be closer to Ingolstadt to make an attraction richer and to move to the pretty castle with a hat show.

Let yourself be surprised by the supporting program. There is music and a special exhibition to be revealed. At the same time as you visit the Hut Show, you can admire the museum exhibits. Photographers are happy to take a photo of you wearing a hat.

Take your time – there is so much to see, to have good conversations, to socialize and to meet again people who love the beautiful.
Provided that Corona meets our expectations.

My daughter and I are waiting for you with joy!
Your Ute Patel-Misßfeldt and Isabel Patel

© Foto: Erich Reisinger

A weekend envolving around hats!

The "New Castle" is an extensive building complex that began in 1417/18 and was expanded into a late Gothic residence in the second half of the 15th century. The ensemble is laid out around a rectangular courtyard and surrounded by a walled moat to the north and west. After major changes in the 19th century, parts of the complex were damaged by bombs in 1945. In the 1960s, the exterior was partially reconstructed and the interior was extensively renovated. The main building, the so-called Palas, has been used as a museum since 1972.