The Neuburger Töpfermarkt, the Baroque Concerts Neuburg, as well as the Neuburger Weinbörse, are part of the "Herrschaftszeiten" series of events, including "Mut zum Hut". For more information see below or on the respective websites of the events.

Neuburger Töpfermarkt

For over 30 years Neuburger pottery market has been available with quality and expertise. The pottery market is a pottery trade show with well over 100 exhibitors from all over Germany, as well as from the European neighborhood.
The Neuburger Töpfermarkt also offered wonderful pottery, pots, jugs, jugs, crockery and home and garden accessories in great variety of shapes, colors and sizes.
The pottery market will visit about 8,000 - 10,000 visitors from all over Southern Germany on both days. Perhaps we can welcome you to our pottery market?

Neuburger Barockkonzerte

Since 1947, the baroque concerts in Neuburg have continued unbroken. From the baptism it has the Neuburger honorary citizen Dr. Fritz of Philipp (1913-1993). The Foundation Neuburger Barockkonzerte, founded by him, has been given decisive and energetic support by his son Dipl. Ing. Fritz von Philipp and his family.

Neuburger Weinbörse

A festival of the senses: In 1998 the Neuburger Weinbörse was created by organizer Fritz Seebauer. Since then, once a year, it has become an integral part of the "Stewardship" series of events. An impressive variety of high-quality wines, presented in the festive framework of the Princely Marble, is the secret of the continued success of the Neuburg wine fair.At the individual stands the wines are presented expertly. At the tasting, you can enjoy sip for sip, compare the fine wines and evaluate them. The winegrowers are happy to tell you everything you need to know about the special features of their wine region. Visitors will immerse themselves in the traditions of European cultural landscapes ... .. with their characteristics, their fragrances, their aromas.An extraordinary meeting place for wine lovers, connoisseurs and all who want to have a very special experience of good taste and senses."The wine rises into the brain,Makes it sensible, fast and inventive,Full of fiery and beautiful pictures."William ShakespeareBe inspired by the variety of wine, sparkling wine and spirits on the wine