Ute Patel-Missfeldt

One of the most extraordinary artists of our time was born in Bremerhaven on New Year's Eve at 5 to 12: Ute Patel-Missfeldt.

Even the little girl cast a spell over everyone with her irresistible charisma. That this is not an exaggeration becomes clear at the latest when you are lucky enough to get to know her personally.
She solidified her professional and artistic career with a graphic training in her hometown of Bremerhaven.


By demonstrating her extraordinary talent and her love of art, as well as a convincing sense of style and originality, she soon worked as a specialist teacher for art at the Langen high school.

She also gave lessons in watercolor painting on behalf of the radio station Südwestfunk Baden-Baden. So it was inevitable that television, including ARD, ZDF, RTL, WDR, SWR and a few other broadcasters, gladly benefited from their exuberant creativity. At the same time, she is by no means fixated only on painting. She also designed clothes for television fashion shows, as well as various opera gowns and designed exclusive porcelain, wall plates, figurines and vases for well-known porcelain manufacturers.
But that is not all. She has moved a lot in her life: since 1997 she has been involved as a founding member and patron of the German art association "Silk e.V.". In addition, she wrote 42 specialist books, illustrated calendars, novels, satires and volumes of poetry and, among other things, took on the overall artistic direction and artistic director function of the »Austrian Danube Festival« in Grein. In the castle of Prince Saxony Coburg and Gotha, Queen Sylvia and King Karl Gustaf were frequent visitors.

Above all, she has always kept a heart for people who depend on the help and support of others. In particular, these are an Indian women's organization, Mahila Sang (for which she received the first prize from UNESCO), Kartei der Not, Greenpeace and Amnesty International.
In 2004 the city of Neuburg a.d. Danube the culture award. When she is not teaching - at universities and renowned art academies - or working on a project, she organizes exhibitions of her art around the world.
The TV broadcaster Bayern3 filmed her life in 2009. With the highest ratings ever achieved for the series "Lebenslinien", it conveyed courage and joy to many people. Deutsche Welle broadcast this film worldwide.

In 2013, Servus-TV made a documentary about their garden, in which many extraordinary plants are united. ORF made the film “People take the laundry in, the comedians come over the festival players.
In 2013 she was awarded the Altmühltal Art and Culture Prize.
On January 29, 2016, she spoke on the TV show "Kölner Treff" on the TV show "Kölner Treff" about her maxim "you should always do a little more than you think you can" and presented her book "Vom Lust zu sein".
At the Leipzig Book Fair 2016, the NDR also showed an interest in meeting Ute Patel-Missfeldt with her husband Prof. Dr. med. Vallabh Patel as a studio guest on the TV show "DAS!" interview on the famous "red sofa". The live broadcast was in July 2016. In November 2016 she will again represent Germany and Neuburg an der Donau, her hometown, in an international porcelain designer competition as a juror, incidentally, as the only woman in Beijing. There she can expect a TV appearance and a large Chinese fan base, among other things.
In 2017 Ute Patel-Missfeldt brought out the cat coloring book "Miau!" out, in 2018 the book "Indo-European Kitchen" was published and in 2019 the continuation in the series of cookbooks "Is there still soup!" and finally the calendar for 2020 with the title "So that we have something to laugh about in 2020 too!".

It is thanks to so much energy that an almost dying profession is suddenly in the public eye and so many people are excited about hats again. Incidentally, the milliner guild could hardly ask for a better and more passionate representative. Since 1998, their hat show has grown into the world's largest hat sales show with around 15,000 headgear. Since then, millers and hatters from all over the world have always met on the last weekend of September - until 2019 in Neuburg an der Donau - and since 2021 in Ingolstadt.

The artist can relax in her beautiful garden at Grünau Castle. There she lives and works with her husband Professor Dr. Vallabhbhai Patel (1934-2017), who was a no less extraordinary personality.
In September 2017 Prof. Dr. V. J. Patel - so ended a great love between two people. With his last book, a scientific ethic "You only have one life for happiness", he posthumously conveyed the meaning of existence.
In 2019 the last book "Clear thinking, lies included" by Prof. Dr. med. Vallabh Patel appear. With him the world lost one of the greats.

You have four children.

More information: www.ute-patel-missfeldt.de