Ute Patel-Missfeldt

One New Years eve at 5 to midnight one of the most special artists of our time was born in Bremerhaven: Ute Patel-Mißfeldt.

Ever since she was a little girl her exceptional charming personality has been attracting all kinds of people. That this in no means is exaggerated you will find out the latest when you get the change to meet Mrs. Ute Patel-Mißfeldt in person one time.

Her professional and artistic career was founded with a graphic education in her home town Bremerhaven. By showing her exceptional talent and love of art, as well as a confidence in her own style and originality, she quickly gained recognition as art tutor at the Langen Gymnasium.
 She also taught water coloring on request of a radio station. As a result television broadcasters such as ARD, ZDF, RTL, SWR and WDR as well as some others, wanted a piece of her never ending creativity. This did not mean that she was only focused on painting. She designed clothes for television fashion shows, as well as garments worn in Opera productions and designed custom made table ware, wall plates, sculptures and vases for a well known ceramics company. That is by far not all. In her lifetime she has accomplished a lot: since 1997 she is founding member and patroness of the German Art Foundation »Seide e.V.«. She also wrote and published 42 specialized books, illustration novels and poetries and took charge of a.o. the total musical and directorial line of the »Österreichischen Donaufestspiele« in Grein.

Above all this she has always had a heart for people, especially those that need help and support from others. This specifically reflects in engagements for an Indian Womens Organisation, Die Kartei der Not« and »UNICEF«. In the year 2004 the city of Neuburg a.d. Donau awarded her with the Culture Prize. When she is not teaching or working on a project, she organizes Art exhibitions all around the world.
In 2009 the TV-channel "Bayern3" made a movie about her life. Her report within der series "Lebenslinien" got the highest rating ever any people got inspired by this.
The TV-channel has broadcast this report worldwide.
In 2013, Servus-TV made a documentary about her garden, where many extraordinary plants are united.
In 2013 she was awarded the art and culture prize of the Altmühltal.
On January 29, 2016, she appeared in the TV show "Kölner Treff" on her life maxim "you should always make a little more than you can imagine" and to present her book "To Be Different".
At the Leipzig Book Fair in 2016, the NDR also showed interest in studying Ute Patel-Missfeldt with her husband, Prof. Dr. med. Vallabh Patel, as a student in the TV show "DAS!" On the famous "red sofa". The live broadcast was in July 2016. In November 2016, she will again be in Germany and Neuburg an der Donau, her hometown, in an international porcelain design designer competition, by the way the only woman in Beijing. There they expect, among other things, a TV appearance and a large Chinese fan base.
In 2017, Ute Patel-Missfeldt released the cat coloring book "Meow!" In 2018, the book "Indo-European Cuisine" was published and in 2019, the sequel continued in the series of cookbooks "Is soup still there!" and finally the calendar for 2020 with the title "So we have something to laugh about in 2020!".

Because of that remarkable amount of energy it happened that an almost forgotten profession suddenly found itself back in the limelight and so many people can rekindle their love of hats. Milliners could not wish for a better and more passionate representative then Mrs. Patel Mißfeldt. Since 1998 her hat show is the world’s largest selling venue for hats with about 15.000 hats present. Milliners and hat designers from all over the world get a chance to meet each other, always on the last weekend of September in beautiful Neuburg a.d. Donau.

The artist can relax in her beautiful garden at Schloss Grünau. There she lives and works with her husband, Professor dr. Vallabhbhai Patel (1934 - 2017), who was a no less exceptional personality.
In September 2017 Prof. Dr. med. V. J. Patel - that ended a great love of two people. With his last book, a scientific ethic "You have only one life for happiness", he posthumously communicates the meaning of existence.
In 2019, the last book, "Clear Thinking in Family and Work" by Prof. dr. med. Vallabh Patel appear. The world lost with him one of the greats.

They have four children.